it’s all so relative isn’t it

yesterday started so shitty for me–honestly felt like some kind of end of the world. i mean what the hell is this halloween business all about anyway right? but then, awareness–just to become aware of myself in that moment, the reality or nonreality of what emotion i had chosen to wrap around my shoulders for the day, what beliefs felt like concrete shoes at the moment brought a shift to the drowning and clawing sense that this was all there was to eternity. still shit, still concrete, and yet…suddenly the concrete blasters showed up to do a little work, and for one brief moment i realized “my shit really don’t stank!”–whose does?

and then the magic–just allowing for the possibility, released the deathgrip of negative emotion and by the end of the day, serious bliss. i’m still a little shell-shocked by the ease when i just give over to it–so just wanted to throw a little gratitude out there for that gift. it’s at that point that rumi’s “stretchers of grace” come running into the scene i suppose. muchas gracias!!!