superpower activate

one time sitting around with a group of friends discussion turned to what super hero power you would take on if you could choose…my sister said, she would add a hidden hour to the day that only she could use, thus giving her hidden time to get all the things done she had overcommitted to. what kind of a superpower is that, i ask you? i was just sitting at my desk wishing for an extra hour in the day, but when it gets right down to it, i don’t want that to be the special thing about me–that i have enough time to get all my “supposed to’s” done. i would much rather step into the starting to check off all the “want to’s” for my life..

as i reflect on this day, i spent about 35 minutes so far doing anything i want. i’m not exactly sure how to balance that; i like my job, i like the purpose behind what i do, but do i like the countless meetings about proper verbage for donor reciprocity, or the weighty stacks of powerpoints on my desk informing one group or another about something very important? i can’t say that i have much affinity for these things. so where does the balance come in? how do i incorporate more of what i want into my everyday? is it by jealously guarding a hidden hour to secretly fill with my precious chosen moments? i don’t think so…in fact, there probably is no amount of thinking that will resolve this conundrum…it is a certain amount of doing and being that starts the ball rolling. what is that superpower? how do i get more of that flowing in my life? if i can’t even articulate the superpower, how do i get the day to day power that coincides? is there a specifice forum where i can get these questions answered…

and there it is…just like that…superpower of the day–the power to pray–check in with spirit, sense what my own heart is calling for and resonate in that zone for a few minutes. it can’t show up unless it knows i want it right? so unless i spend some energy calling it in, sensing what it feels like, how i feel doing it–even when i don’t know what “it” is right now