From Stumbling to Building Blocks, and everything in between

Can I just say that stuff gets in the way of where we think we are going?  I mean real big, hairy, woeful, life-type stuff that none of us expected when we got out of bed this morning, or last week, or even that one new year’s morning a decade ago when everything changed for real.

thThis so called stuff has a pretty bad habit of feeling exactly like all the shit I’ve been working on all my life.  It feels just like the fears or hard-times I thought I got all cleared up the last time I took to my knees in the midst of that dark night of the soul.  And there it is again, those fears, woes and little gnawing thoughts that tear away at how good we felt when we got out of bed this morning.

So what the freak?  How am I supposed to make my way through this mine field of stumbling blocks?

Ok, so here’s the deal, and it settles that dis-ease in the pit of my stomach, tucks me in at night with a sense of calm and puts a smile on my face as I get super still and just breathe.  There is this moment of staring at the hard stuff sideways, stepping out of my wholly human self just long enough to welcome a higher look at all these stumbling blocks and recognizing what a fuckin’ amazing path of stepping stones I have just assembled to the other side.

The other side of what, you may ask?  Of the block, the fear, the pain.  Stumbling blocks just look all big and insurmountable when we are lying in a crumpled heap pinned beneath them.  but just for a tiny moment, leave that crumpled self behind.  View, feel, notice the self who has been hoping, praying, working, believing that things are gonna change and doing something about it.  There is a self who trusts, holds-out, creates from her Godself a knowing that sees the blocks as they shift, transform, shore-up and sustain…they are the building blocks we scramble up to become, reveal, rejoin the higher-self who beckons us from Source.  ssshhhhh…can you hear it?  keep climbing, I swear the view is about to change…

Mileposts out of Stumbling Blocks
Mileposts from Stumbling Blocks