You Just Got to be Startin’ Something: Start-ups, Grand Schemes and Outrageous Fortune

Long before the era of social media and the ubiquitous phrase ‘there’s an app for that’; road trips, marathon break-up convos and workout videos filled us with the ever-present sense of ‘there’s a song for that’.  When someone elses words zing into your psyche like a silver bullet, we immediately recognize how personal a song is, how the spoken word tells our story too,  how it evokes memories and emotions with the drop of a mic!

I fully subscribe to the notion of songlines resonating for a reason.  My reactions or recall of certain snippets are my most obvious indicator of things going on inside of me which are begging for attention. Whether a subconscious playlist or a line that plants itself in my thoughts without mercy , these songs of ourselves are the bits of us we must express. They are what is crying to be set free from our own spirit.  Nascent thoughts like this muse around in our psyche until they burst out and become the expression of how our dreams are made. They often become how we start a business, disrupt an industry, dump the agenda at staff meeting and finally listen, or even raise our children to grow up to be starters, dreamers and make us glad to be alive. (Insert the Beatles, You may say I’m a dreamer)  And so freakin’ glad I’m not the only one.

Song lines run through my head like a baseball announcer, as commentary and ambiance in practically every conversation I have. I recently watched a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers documentary, and immediately saw how hopelessly attached I am to the adrenaline-filled, windows-down car-ride of Tom Cruise in ‘Jerry Maguire’ and his balls-to-the-wall version of Free-fallin.  This anthem is seared in my memory  as my triumphant goto tune whenever I am about tight pants onto take a leap of faith.  And hilariously enough, I run through a certain, Tight pants On, line all the time when I am dressing up to go out and want to inject a little fun and fierceness into my vibe. (google jimmy fallon, got my tight pants on, if you don’t know the song and that earworm may never leave the premises).

Lately I find myself asking, ‘what about my own song?‘ (insert barry manilow’s, This one’s for you) and how do I find the words or sensthoreaue of self  I cannot and must not keep down any longer? (insert madonna’s Express Yourself, now you see how the song thing haunts me right?) In fact, I hear so many questions of this ilk it seems time to start crafting some really good answers. There is something so incredibly universal about sharing our story, and doing it with music is pretty much the frosting on top. But with music, or as the spoken word, a bit of poetry, a manifesto or even a memo I’m really curious…what is it within that insists on a reaction or telling of these songs of self?  For myself, I can react to a line or lyric, a marketing slogan or simple jingle in such profound ways. The author has inevitably hit a chord of shared experience with me.  They have inspired or reminded me of something I was just trying to put my finger on only yesterday.  Or they reignited the full sorrow of my heartbreak, and my tears finally flowed.

This blog entry isn’t so much about becoming a songwriter as it is about Finding Your Voice. It’s about responding to a biological clock ticking  that has nothing to do with having live babies, and everything to do with giving birth to an idea so real it makes the difference of our lifetime. It’s about rising up, resonating to the song that burns within, that which we must express to be free.

Tell me, as you read this in something welling up in you? Are you feeling a sense of longing or notion of bursting at the seams about now? Do you have a pretty good idea you are Ready to be starting something?65739-christina-aguilera-quotes-from-songs.jpg

Right this very minute is the best time to discover your song within and sound it from the rooftops.  It is useless to resist this (says Cake in Comfort Eagle), and rather than jumping in line to the fervent march of someone else’s tune,(obvious ‘Different Strokes’ theme song reference) you are on the precipice of finding your own words. Right now, IN THE NOW,  dig deep and find the words or bring out the unique gifts only you have to give.  And here’s the cool thing, this burning to be seen and heard is not unique, just the way you do it is. What your gifts are and how you write the songs in the key of U is the symphony, or project, first novel or medical discovery the world has been waiting for. As Walt Whitman himself tells us in his ‘Song of Myself’…It is you talking just as much as myself… I act as the tongue of you…§47  In this search to express and create, to build and teach from our own truth, we are not alone in our struggle to be free, there are way more than 50 ways to be discovered. (go on, you know what to insert here…)

‘And just how do you suggest I do that?’ you might ask.

This is imagesthe moment to find your way, discover the words, reveal the part of you who must be seen.  When these bits of you find their way into the world, onto our sketch pads, into the boardrooms and bedrooms life begins to happen in technicolor (Mama don’t take my kodachrome away, bookended Simon and Garfunkel reference for the win).  And here is where the magic begins…

If you’re gonna sing out, sing out! (you get it by now right?  sing along...’if you’re gonna be free, be free) Each of our songs in the key of me may not be heard by another single-living soul, but what we do with the music of our hearts just might start a symphony.  And finally, here is the essence of how what we do makes a difference…we do it with love, our song as part of the harmony, with a purpose, a mission to be the change, live the love, ride the wave…(break on through to the other side). When you do there is beauty to behold, take a look at those stars…look at the starsAre you ready to sing out? You’ve just got to be startin something!

(and now definitely, the obvious Michael Jackson tune, you wanna be startin’ somethin, you got ta be startin’ somethin…)

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Let’s do that together shall we?

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