From Drama to Detachment, You Just Had to be There

When is Story just Drama all prettied up to suck us in?
Last week was my birthday, and just a head’s up, I pretty much celebrate the whole month. The year I turned 21 no one remembered my birthday. Not my mom, not the guy I was dating, not my roommates…no one! I lived that day in gradually increasing misery. I let myself get so carried away in this reality, I went from a relatively healthy, happy college student to a woeful, Ophelia-like waif just looking for a stream to end it all in.

(                          Story enhanced for Dramatic Effect–no streams were harmed in this story–real or imagined        ).

On a phone call in the early evening with a friend of mine, I finally mentioned it out loud. ‘It’s my birthday and nobody remembered’, I said. She jumped into action like the Sister of Mercy her mother trained her to be, whipped up a cake with chocolate Dreamwhip frosting to beat the band and delivered it post-haste! On top of that frosting still being among one of my most-favorites, ever, she taught me this. Life spins on a dime. We make the choice to change, be in drama, be in love, be in happiness or just be haunted.

This year, this birthday, this birth-month has been glorious. I OWN my birthday month now like the brilliant, beloved Maven of Transformation I AM. I ask for what I want, not demanding, just asking. I share my feelings. I plan the festivities…no attachment if you can come or not. No need to be defined by the drama of what others do or don’t.
And here’s how that plays out…

Late, late birthday evening this year, as I drove home the long-way just for the beauty of it, all alone in my zippy car, I hummed a little tune of satisfaction to myself. I watched the sliver of SisterMoon rise above the towering mountains to the east, and pretty much kept my head in the clouds the whole time. Suddenly, in the dark, headlights not streaming near far enough as I rounded a corner, my car made a horrendously loud and insistent beep. ‘CHECK COOLANT LEVEL AND STOP ENGINE IMMEDIATELY’, it said; in its loud, judgmental European way of saying nothing out loud but spelling it with all caps. I slammed on the brakes, glanced at the engine heat levels which were all in the norm and discovered that most likely the manufacturer just didn’t want me to overdrive without an oil change and was none-too-subtle about it.

Deep breath, all is o.k., eyes front.
And there at the edge of my headlights, in the middle of the road, stood two fawns. Maybe this was the first time mamma let them wander alone? Maybe they are so used to headlights they thought nothing of mine hurtling their way at 35 miles an hour?  Who knows, but they weren’t budging, they were just curious.

Now here is the drama or non-drama if you will…
What could have been a total engine freeze or major car dilemma was just a warning sign, urging me to pay attention to signs. And there in the headlights, next drama averted. Two beauties ready to be seen in the pale light of the moon. Ready for me to slow down, notice the gifts around me; find, feel and celebrate my gratitude in the fullness of this moment.

Happy Birthday to me, well-blessed and happy. No Drama!