Just Who is Telling Your Story Anyway?


Just how many versions of CLASSIC can one guy have?

Bill Murray was awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor this week.  He debated whether or not he could be present for the award because the timing might conflict with his beloved Cubs winning the pennant.  Also, he has no agent or PR team and if you are pitching him a script you most likely leave a message on his 800 number and he will decide if he ever gets back to you. This guy writes his own ticket these days doesn’t he?

How did that happen? How did he go from screwball anchor of the SNL not ready for prime time players to a Legend of humor and authenticity?  –

Understanding the story you are telling about yourself, your brand, your start-up, your social venture, your vision for making all right in the world is powerful tonic indeed in a world where so many businesses and corporations cover-up or erase their story because it detracts from their image.

Transparent, generous, making a difference, business maven, disruptor in your field…it’s time you were clear about who you are.  Make no apologies, and trust me, your clientele will respond.

Are you ready to get to center stage in your own industry?  Clear out the confusion of who you are and what you do well, really well and aren’t gonna hide it any more?

Let’s get into that. 

The LamaFarm is keenly aware we need help being brave.  Telling our stories.  Claiming our birthright if you will.

If you’ve got Bill on speed-dial then no need to jump on our bandwagon.  But if you are looking to find your way, rise to the next level of known and sought in your industry and you need some insights, Let’s do that together.


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