Dig On Purpose Telesummit

Past Event Fall 2014

 Did you love the conversations, teachings, wisdom in our

#Dig On Purpose Live Telesummit?

How about if we made even more of that available to you right now?  The LamaFarm wants to do just that! Give you even more of that amazing event, yours to enjoy, dig into at your leisure,

share with a friend all for a gift of exchange that you choose.

Pay What You Can…Gift of Exchange Event


In October the LamaFarm offered the most amazing, heartfelt, paradigm-blowing, totally free telesummit of spiritual practitioners sharing their life lessons and daily practice wisdom.  It was a blow-out event.  We packed the house with participants ready for a daily dose of eye-opener, deep-breather and all points in between to awaken the giant of their own spirit within. And it was a joyfest to make it happen.  The response, the engagement the wave of love, exploration, and seeking an awakened self has only just begun.
The Dig On Purpose Telesummit was a smash success, with so many people participating, chiming in, asking questions, expressing thanks, listening to recordings and downloading free gifts of spirit from each speaker that my heart grew nearly 2 sizes last month. If you didn’t get a chance to join the throng and listen live, there is one more way to relish in these conversations of spirit.  The Telesummit was a bit of a Labor of Love for me, a chance to share my favorites with you, I had no idea what I was getting myself into in hours of preparation and development. I’m sure this is the way life likes it or we would never undertake our next big thing! I want to offer you a way to own the entire event in the same spirit.  A “Pay What You Can” offering of energetic exchange !So here’s the deal, if you joined the Telesummit and loved what you heard and want to own a permanent copy, if you never got to listen, if you loved it and want to share it with a friend or even a few friends, now is the time.  My gift to you as we head into the holiest of seasons is on of thanks and flow and Offering.
Here’s what a few participants had to say…

 Yesterday’s Tele-seminar was so powerful for me… It builds each day, digging deeper! I can just FEEL IT within!  I’m having a hard time getting other things done… Learning incredible balance with this, knowing that it will be there to listen to again & all that speaks to me from each hour are messages from my already knowing within! Love it!  Amy

I loved the idea of “The medicine of yoga” and how yoga is “a spiritual practice without the dogma”. Loved your breathing exercise and really enjoyed the ways you linked yoga to everyday/all day yoking possibilities. Thank you for your Work and making our world brighter. Diana

These are wonderful-what an awesome gift you have put together for us!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH . . .

And, how appropriate, to have them available while I am in “recovery” with this virus. I can lean back in my zero gravity lawn chair  I brought into my little “work” room and relax while I listen and enjoy the practices that are being offered. Jzonay

 Here’s how this works, you choose an amount anywhere from $1-$1,000 (far be it from me to limit how much you give!)  Send me an e-mail in the contact form below and I will send you an invoice.  And Just like that, presto-chango, we will be partners in the amazing gift of exchange.   


Good Karma and best business practices
  1. This offer lasts November 1-10 (11:59 pm) and then it turns into a pumpkin.
  2. Once I receive your payment email, you will get a link for the download to the entire series.
  3. If you want to share this gift with a friend rather than keep it for yourself, let us know and we will happy ship it their way. This works on the honor system. Simple, You want to give a gift and so do we.
  4. Happy to talk the concept through with you. Send me a quick note here and I will get right back to you.

UnEarthing what brings you Joy.

If you missed the live event, the Dig on Purpose Summit is a group of vibrant, phenomenal, loving, deep and soulful teachers jumping into this question with both feet.  Each grounded in a separate Wisdom Tradition, spirit keepers of age-old practices, when poured into the container of our lives becomes a life-changing experiment at living life spirit first.  Every day we will explore with our ‘Salt of the Earth’ leaders a new possible in unleashing our inner joy.

We joined for 6 days of conversation, experience, deep-diving, life-shaking, spirit-waking opportunities to put our minds to rest and invite our spirits to unEarth the joy deep inside. 6 Days to dig deep, discover a personal practice to finally turns off the outer messages and Find your Mind Some Rest!