Take a Step, Movement is the Right Direction

Discovery Session

If you found your way here and still don’t know what you are looking for, a Discovery Session is just what the Dr. ordered.  Every week we set aside a few minutes to spend answering questions, checking your temp, and paying heed to what our clients are asking for. If you need a few minutes to find out what brought you here, request one of our Discovery Sessions. We have an incredibly high value in your access to gettings answers before you leap. So we reserve a handful of spots for this monthly as a gift to the Really Ready and the Incredibly Adventurous. Is that you?

They go quickly! Absolutely zero sales pressure, nada, zip, zilch! Just a few frank minutes to light a fire under you, or not. You choose. Valued at $95.00, Our free gift to you for a limited time.

Request a 20 Minute Discovery Session here. Subject to availability–best to throw your hat in the ring right now, and we’ll cook up some really good stuff to Discover together.

VIP Half Day & Full Day Deep Dive Intensives

Something about what we do has put a little bee in your bonnet, eh?  Perhaps you might just have a whole swarm buzzing around trying to get things started.  This place is for those who know how exceptional what they offer in the world really is. This time is for the ideas that will no longer be ignored.  This move is for when you are ready to Disrupt life as we know it.  Are you ready to Leap with the Intensity and Vigor of Gazelles? Or get Reeeaaaallly Expansive and Present with what is next for you and how to set the embers alight right now?  Our VIP Deep Dive Intensives are exactly that.

Suggested Starting Point. . .

Dig Deep for your Personal or Business Brand, The ARCHETYPE OF YOU         VIP Deep Dive Intensive Half or  Full Day

Tell that story like a boss.  Tell it like you are the only one born to tell it.  You’ve got a sense of conscious, on-fire, awake P U R P O S E  to be about. It is about time people knew it. They won’t be able to resist you.

Throw another log on the fire. More ways to build a wood-burning passion for you and your biz.

Up-Level Your WORK IN THE WORLD                                                                                         VIP Deep Dive Intensive suggested Full and alternate Half Day

Are you already Seen & Heard when you are ON THE SCENE and WITH THE HERD? Now is the moment to Blow the Lid Off your current scene and step up to the next level of what  you do in the world?  Refining your scope, asking for and getting what you are worth, delivering your message with a silver bullet to the people begging for exactly what it is you are offering.  Join theLamaFarm in a Full Day of unconventional inner-renovation for yourself and your business to incite your inner riots of action taking. Those old molds were made to be broken.

90 Day UpLevel Your Business Series

90 Day UpLevel: Building With a Sense of Purpose. Join an online group of professionals ready to move into Breakthroughs and Masterpieces.       Open spots now available through the end of September.  These have a tendency to GO VERY QUICKLY. Jump into an inquiry session today to reserve a spot for you.  No Obligation, Just Conversation.

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