…It is in the telling our Stories become Legend.

When THAT THING WE DO rises innately from our unique signature in the world, this is a place in human experience where our story reaches the archetypal realm.  At theLamaFarm, we curate these stories as ritual, rites of passage into the Legendary .

Archetype  n. In Jungian psychology, a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, symbol, theme, character, or image, etc., universally present in individual psyches. It embodies the essential elements of Universal Human Experience. 

In Business, the way we connect to our clients with story  triggers meaningful, vibrant, creative, relationship building opportunities. Story is the gateway to memory, nostalgia, trust, excitement, endeavor…all  inviting your client into ways they can transform their own Human Potential. Your Personal and Brand Story immediately invite clients into a conversation on what is possible.  As a part of the collective consciousness, our story rises to the level of the Archetype, and our clients hear their own story within.  They recognize something about themselves, whether it is where they have been, or where they would like to be going.
The LamaFarm works with solopreneurs and startups, disruptors and innovators, small businesses and corporate boardrooms. Our work is to witness the story of people and businesses who do good things while doing well in business.  This story deserves to be heard. And clients value hearing it. When you have grown a business and put your heart and soul into its every step, it can be incredibly difficult to distill thet experience into words.  This is where the LamaFarm excels. Like the bards of old, our mission is to weave the legend of DoGooders into tales people tell and clients seek, far and wide.
                   Are you ready for your story hit legendary status?
               Isn’t it about time to let us do a little bit of the telling for you?

If you find yourself here, it is time to Dig on Purpose, tap into the Brand Story  only your business and mission can tell.  Dive Deep to uncover the Legend of your personal and business brand.  Tell that story, joyfully and with conviction and there will be no stopping the limits your Legend can reach.

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Dig Deep, Personal or Business Brand, The Archetype of You

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Tell that story like a boss.  Tell it like you are the only one born to tell it.  You’ve got a sense of conscious, on-fire, awake P U R P O S E  to be about. It is about time people knew it. They won’t be able to resist you.