Breathe Deep, you know how it feels when you have butterflies on the inside and you don’t know why?  This is one of those moments…This is SACRED SPACE

Why Lama? Lama with one L : in pursuit of inner Wisdomwhy
Who wants to be a llama with 2 ll’s their whole lives, always the pack-animal of thejourney? In life we can become our own best teacher.  The experiences we live: tasting, touching, smelling what life has to offer; eventually spits us out as the grown, and hopefully wise, humans we become.  What this process could get a little more advance planning?  What if we approached life like our favorite game, and we just need to understand the rules to feel like we are actually winning.  This is  what practicing to be your own ‘Wise Person’ is all about. Learn how to craft your own path and tools for divine living, right out loud!

Why Farm? Growing good while doing well–It’s what artists paint, musicians chant, businesses breathe into being. How will you plant that today?
The lamafarm is a place within where we can get really awake about the practice of becoming our truest selves, present and engaged in the joyfulness of living. Isn’t it about time we all learn to bring some of this divine into our daily living?  It’s time to Dig on Purpose.