The Lama Farm


The Lama Farm


Why Lama?

Lama with one L : in pursuit of inner Wisdom

Who wants to be a llama with 2 ll’s their whole lives, always the pack-animal of the journey? In life we can become our own best teacher. The experiences we live: tasting, touching, smelling what life has to offer; eventually spits us out as the grown, and hopefully wise, humans we become. What this process could get a little more advance planning? What if we approached life like our favorite game, and we just need to understand the rules to feel like we are actually winning. This is what practicing to be your own ‘Wise Person’ is all about. Learn how to craft your own path and tools for divine living, right out loud!

Why Farm?

Growing good while doing well–It’s what artists paint, musicians chant, businesses breathe into being. How will you plant that today? The lamafarm is a place within where we can get really awake about the practice of becoming our truest selves, present and engaged in the joyfulness of living. Isn’t it about time we all learn to bring some of this divine into our daily living? It’s time to Dig on Purpose.


Valerie’s Story

It’s quite likely nobody’s mother ever advised them to get a law degree to learn empowerment of the underdog; migrate into the arts to tap into birthing our genius into the world; and round it off open-heartedly asking people for money to encourage sustainable change in third-world poverty.  This hugely diverse, hair-brained and ultimately masterminded combination of education and life/work experience has crafted Valerie Holt’s powerfully unique point of view and consulting skills as founder and mentor at The LamaFarm.

 As a consciousness seeker, Valerie studied spiritual practice in Mystic and Gnostic inquiry through a deep experience in world Wisdom Traditions, advanced religious study and behavioral leadership paradigm training. As a graduate of both the Jean Houston and Nine Gates Mystery School, Valerie co-founded The Wisdom Path; a non-profit offering eco-psychological retreats for transformation. As a practicing attorney she learned to advocate for the voice of those who didn’t know how to do it for themselves. She currently is a decidedly non-denominational practitioner of spirit, Maven of Transformation, Storytelling Brandbuilder, mentor, author and Earthmamma fostering the personal and professional stellar excellence of her clients. Her constant mantra can be heard whispered and shouted through the halls of inner wisdom,

The soul of the seeker rises from the ground we break, Dig on Purpose™.


Formal Training & Accomplishments

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