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What Is Your Work In The World?

You’ve got a sense of conscious, on-fire, awake P U R P O S E  to be about. It is about time people knew it. They won’t be able to resist you.

So many clients reach out to me because they feel they have arrived at a crossroads in their life.  They are intensely seeking a change, a sense of purpose, a place for deep satisfaction in their work; but they are so far from clear on what this would look like in the long-run.  Whether you own your own business or work for a corporate team, it seems as a workforce we are never taught to get clear working with a Sense of Purpose because it counters the notion of playing nice and coloring within the lines we are taught in school.

If you find yourself here, you never did like to color inside the lines.  You preferred making up all the new games on the playground and were the one to watch. In personal and business choices you prefer taking a leap to resting on your laurels.

The outdated paradigm of ‘Go along, just to get along’ is breaking down on every level.

It’s time to find your voice, express what truly satisfies, and  miraculously build amazing levels of new business because you are set to shout that story from the rooftops and discover clients, companies and organizations who will settle for nothing less that that.


Disruptors, Entrepreneurs,


Dig Deep for your Personal or Business Brand,
Building With a Sense of Purpose

A Deep Dive for professionals ready to move into Breakthroughs and Masterpieces. 

Business With A Mission


Your business is already amazing, everybody says so!  So what is that constant sense of knowing there is more to do to with your Work in the World? There are truly remarkable moments when our singular vision becomes something to share. It’s no longer enough just for you to just do good business. You are ready to do Good while doing Well.  You are eager to create a movement through your business, tap into brand vision and tell it’s story like noone else can?   We get how intense you are about what your business brings to the world.  Let us help you Bridge your Vision  with clients who must have exactly that!

Storytelling, Brandbuilding, LegendMaking, Archetypes to rule the world!

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Still Not Sure WHERE TO BEGIN?

Book A Discovery Session.

If you found your way here and still don’t know what you are looking for, a Discovery Session is just what the Dr. ordered.  Every week we set aside a few minutes to spend answering questions, checking your temp, and paying heed to what our clients are asking for. If you need a few minutes to find out what brought you here, request one of our Discovery Sessions. We have an incredibly high value in your access to gettings answers before you leap. So we reserve a handful of spots for this monthly as a gift to the Really Ready and the Incredibly Adventurous. Is that you?

They go quickly! Absolutely zero sales pressure, nada, zip, zilch! Just a few frank minutes to light a fire under you, or not. You choose. Valued at $95.00, Our free gift to you for a limited time.

Subject to availability–best to throw your hat in the ring right now, and we’ll cook up some really good stuff to Discover together.